Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Event Chic

I recently got invited by my lovely friend Julia of The Fashion Keeper to an event called "Blogger's Night" hosted by Black Book Events to promote THANN's natural products.
It was a great night of laughs, sushi, facials, and great smelling stuff!

I met so many chic people, and got to try out the best moisturizer I've ever used in my life. My hands were so soft I couldn't help but  "accidentally" brush hands with strangers in the store millions of times just so they could notice.
The THANN's store is very beautifully decorated, and smells like heaven!

All photos are from my new friends Tania and Sarouen , check out their great sites :)!


  1. It was great to meet you last night Grace. Best of luck with your new blog! I'll be following you.

  2. so glad to me you! how exactly do I follow you here?